Alpion Connect

Robust integration implementations.

In short Alpion Connect will automate repetitive processes to help employees have more time to do what they are specialised to do, partnering with our platform has proven to optimise workflow.

In short Alpion Connect automate repetitive processes to help employees have more time to do what they are specialised to do, partnering with our platform has proven to optimise work flow.

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The Benefits

The Alpion Connect software is designed to allow robust implementations that can be accurately tailored for each business’s unique needs, allowing for maximum automation of business processes that in turn allows for the maximum efficient use of human resources.

What makes our integration software special?


Specialists in integrations and analytics


Adaptable to any type of software and system


Agile to use any technology or method


Certified Microsoft Developers

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Give Control Back to Your Business

Field Mapping

Our software gives the capability to the business user to change the mapping of fields between two systems themselves, making the integration much more flexible and time saving by not having to wait for a specialist to assist.

Field Inclusions

Our software gives the business user the capability to include and exclude fields to integrate at any time. This is particularly useful when company policies undergo a change.


Our software allows for various levels of automation ranging from processing each step manually to having the whole process fully automated.


Our software allows for business users to manually stop and start the integration. This is useful for payroll closure periods as well as fault checking or auditing periods.

Fault Handling

Our software provides clear and simple error reporting, allowing users to easily understand any issues that might be encountered when an integration step fails.


Our team have years of experience to our name, especially with Sage, Payspace, Workday and SAP. Our software is fully functional with the Sage 300 People and Payspace APIs and is able to integrate all fields that are supported by the APIs.

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Flowchart Example

The below flowcharts give a default high level view of the processes involved using our software for an automated integration between workday and sage 300 people.

Start automating your everyday processes and give control back to your team.