Automate your company's operations.

Through professional handling, your software will be specified to your needs and beneficial to your business, resulting in overall efficiency and cost savings.

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Warehouse Systems

Warehouse/distribution systems.

Disable data entry, simplify invoicing plus provide the potential to deliver better client support to the consumers and provide full clarity on their inventory and invoicing. 

The system consists of the following modules:

  • Admin
  • Security
  • Warehouse
  • Distribution
  • Sales

Mobile POD Systems

Mobile electronic pod systems.

Our EPOD software monitors the real-time status of orders and collections and gathers online evidence of distribution results, providing companies with enhanced insight and knowledge, quicker and more reliable order fulfilment and more educated decision.

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Payroll Systems

Workday HR to Sage payroll integration application.

The payroll platform streamlines and automates payroll functions such as payslips and taxes. You never have to think about pay-as-you-go mistakes that impact workplace ties.

This system offers middleware for the effective integration of workday HR Data to Sage 300 People and 200 Premier, with extensive security of all data on a cloud-based middleware. This system is the leading integration middleware between workday and Sage 300.

Analytics Tools

Our goal is to turn data into knowledge that helps companies to operate wonders.

Our data analysts, developers and consultants are working together to develop products and solutions for data analytics which extract answers, predictions and suggested actions from large and complex data sets.

We are specialists in utilising data analytics to forecast human behaviour and achieve desired outcomes. From finding the most lucrative consumers or account holders to targeting a given consumer niche to defining and targeting the most cost-effective marketing campaign.

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We have at our disposal cutting edge licensed software and development tools in order to bring you the latest business intelligence software.

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Automation and Integration

Integrate diverse systems.

To merge diverse data points, applications, formats, and APIs into one unified, integrated environment, we have the technical knowledge, experience, and technological solutions.

Make your data available in real-time, raise visibility and allow yourself the opportunity to reflect on the future.

Admin Anatomy

Administration anatomy and bots.

Eliminate time-wasting documentation that is sent through the workplace and the risk of the documentation getting misplaced.

Implement an automated tool that will generate and monitor all your quotations, work cards and invoices. Let your clients sign off the work completed and give you input on the work done.

Getting all the statistics in a unified device makes it easier to monitor the data and the productivity of your employees.

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Other Solutions

Empower your team to work on real problems by reducing the risk of your data not being consistent across various platforms.