Client Testimonial



As a client of Alpion, I can honestly say that we have always had superior service! About 2 years ago, we started up the Budget Module Project with our Payroll Service Provider – sadly, this not only cost us loads of money, but also time (which in the working world is MONEY).

We engaged with the team of specialists at Alpion, and have never looked back. From the project engagement and quoting to where we currently find ourselves at the testing phase, it’s been a good and smooth-running experience. Working closely with the guys from Alpion was absolutely great.

Easy and always willing to assist and respectfully advise based on their extensive market experience. From the onset, we asked that they guide us through the project and implement best practices – and this is exactly what we received. I have worked at many organisations, and have never been able to have a customised Executive HR Dashboard, coupled with a fully integrated budget module.

This module tracks our budget monthly and will do forecasting into the next fiscal. I am super excited to launch the end product and actually don’t know why ALL companies have this in place. I rate the level of service, commitment and expertise of the Alpion team a solid 10 out of 10! Keep up the great work guys – I surely look forward to a great working relationship into the future.