Client Testimonial


Zel-Louise van den Heever

Head of Business Systems

Discovery’s core purpose is to make people healthier and enhance and protect their lives. Together with our core
purpose, we have 9 values that are part of our Discovery DNA. Discovery is a fast-paced and innovative company, we constantly strive to deliver the best service to our members, internal and external customers.

When we partner with external business partners, we measure them against the same values. We deliver an internal
service to our employees, and we strive to deliver the best service to our employees as we would to our members.
We were in the process of moving our internal payroll input system to new technology. The project was at a critical
point, and we have reached several roadblocks when the Alpion team joined us. The success of the project was in
jeopardy, and we had to urgently find a solution. Our partnership with Alpion started unofficially in October 2020
(officially on 1 November 2020).

They immediately did everything they could to get the project back on track. Unfortunately, the project got to a point
where we had to take a step back and a decision was made to: Stop, Start, and Continue.
The Alpion team understood that there was a lot at stake for us to get this project completed within a very tight
deadline. They came up with a proposal to rewrite the system for us. They considered all our complex business rules,
unique requirements per business unit and various approval processes. They listened to every requirement and
came up with an incredible solution which we now call Payroll Connect. The overall user experience for both payroll
input and approval has significantly changed. They demonstrated with this that they understood our values of
Innovation & Optimism as well as Drive, Tenacity & Urgency.

While they were busy with the development of Payroll Connect, they also assisted with an integration project with
SuccessFactors where we now publish our payslips and IRP5’s.

The Alpion team came on board during a difficult time, but they made sure that they listen to us as their client and
what at times seemed impossible became a reality. We have set another tight deadline for them to complete the
integration between Sage 300 People & SuccessFactors by mid- December. The project is on track, and we should
meet our deadline.

The collaboration and teamwork between Discovery & Alpion created a winning recipe, we look forward to our
continued partnership with the Alpion team.